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Satellite Communications

  • Software Development/Testing

  • TDMA/CDMA Expertise

  • Test and Control Plans Development

  • Propagation Studies and Link Analysis

Software Development/Testing

  • Developed Burst Time Plan (BTP) generation software for evaluation of engineering algorithms within BTP Theoretical/Technical Manual for a major satellite operator's TDMA system
  • Developed and maintained Burst Schedule Planner (BSP) software for purposes of creating and modifying BTP Burst Schedules within a Satellite Switched or Fixed TDMA Network
  • Developed and maintained BTP Verification Software (BVS) for verifying engineering aspects as well as data consistency and redundancy for BTP Generation System output file

TDMA/CDMA Expertise

  • Supported development of a TDMA reference document/manual for a satellite operator. This document was published and translated into several languages for worldwide distribution to all TDMA customers
  • Developed Multi-System Digital Telephone Exchange Simulator (MS-DTES) under contract with a satellite operator. This system provided an SS5 Call Simulator for use with a TDMA satellite network.