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RF Propagation Studies for a Metro System - Case Study

A transit administration operates a bus, light rail and metro rail system in a metropolitan city. The system requires a robust land/mobile radio communications system for its operations.

Customer's needs:

The transit system currently operates a 490 MHz Simulcast trunked radio system using radio sites located within the service area. The transit system is in the process of transitioning its radio users to a UHF trunked system, and has plans to migrate its Light Rail VHF users to UHF in the near future. Therefore, it required an independent verification of the communication coverage for the light rail route and its vicinity so that adequate improvements can be made prior to the migration.

GL's solution:

GL was able to analyze and determine the RF coverage and voice quality along the light rail tracks and the vicinity using advanced test utility software and spectrum analyzers. By conducting the RF signal strength studies and voice quality testing of voice channels, GL was able to establish a relationship between the two.

Results and benefits:

GL recommended steps that the transit administration should take to improve and optimize the coverage.