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Press Release: GL Announces Bulk FAX Capture & Analysis for 2-Wire, TDM, and IP Networks

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA - January 28, 2013- GL Communications Inc. announced today the release of its latest Bulk Fax Demodulator and Decoder (FaxDD) and T.38 Fax Analysis (FaxDDT38) Products.

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Vijay Kulkarni CEO of the company said, "Various business entities such as call-centers, brokerages, government agencies, and carriers have a continual need to capture, analyze, and evaluate fax transmissions, over PSTN and IP Networks.

GL's FaxDDTM and FaxDDT38TM are two companion programs that can provide this capability easily and with great detail. Fax calls are intelligently filtered from non-Fax calls and subsequently captured and decoded in real time, i.e. multi page fax images, all signaling, and fax call quality information. These are conveniently logged and stored for further handling by other programs."

He added, "One way of monitoring fax traffic is to record the traffic as PCM streams from a 2-Wire analog or 4 Wire T1 E1 circuit. Then in near real-time, demodulate and decode to a viewable format. If the fax is traversing an IP network (FoIP), then another way is to capture the data packets from a mirror port in an IP Network. Normally only the data messages and image data are transmitted over IP. Sometimes the PCM streams are sent in "pass thru" mode, or G.711 alaw or ulaw.

In either case, the data or PCM streams are captured in near real time, demodulated, and decoded. In cases where a fax call traverses TDM and IP networks, GL's FaxDD and FaxDDT38 captures can be triggered to occur simultaneously, thereby providing important timing of correlated events over TDM and IP. Failed calls can be easily diagnosed."

Mr.Kulkarni further added, "GL's FaxDD (Fax Demodulator and Decoder) is a licensed software application that processes 2-Wire or 4-Wire captures. GL's FaxDDT38 is an off-line (non-real-time) software product that supports analysis of Fax traffic over IP using the files captured by popular IP capturing tools.

These products permit unlimited capture, demodulation, and decoding of Fax calls over conventional or IP networks. Simply connect non-intrusively to 2-Wire, TDM (T1 E1), or an IP mirror port and automatically identify, capture, and decode Fax calls as they occur complete with Fax pages in Tiff format, all signaling that took place during the call, and Fax call quality information."

Important Features

  • 2-wire or 4-wire captures, A-Law, -Law, 13-bit linear PCM, and16-bit linear PCM data formats
  • Operates stand-alone from a Batch file or Windows Command screen or as part of the GL VoiceBand Analysis application to produce decoded fax image TIFF files and call logs
  • Output contains page-by-page packet statistics and Fax image summary.
  • Fax image output in TIFF-F format
  • Supports analysis of files captured by popular IP capturing tools. T.38 version 1 is supported
  • Single- and multi-page ECM and non-ECM fax sessions are supported
  • Decoding of transmitter-only captures is supported for non-ECM faxes

For comprehensive information on the application, please visit Fax Demodulator and Decoder web page.

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