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Newsletter: GL Adds PESQ to Voice Quality Assessment

As you are aware, GL's Voice Quality Testing software has long included PAMS (ITU P.800) and PSQM (ITU P.961). Now, optionally, it is available with PESQ (ITU P.862). GL's VQA software is available, in slightly different versions, for GL's T1 and E1 analysis boards (the Ultra Cards) and on for GL's DCOSS (Digital Central Office Switch Simulator).

Voice Quality Testing Software:

  • Provides PAMS Listening Effort (LE) and Listening Quality (LQ) results
  • Calculates Mean Active Speech Level, Noise Level, Latency and Clipping Measurements
  • Provides PAMS, PSQM and PESQ Mean Opinion Score results
  • Graphical as well as tabular format outputs
  • Operates in Manual Mode with user specifying location and names of reference and degraded files
  • Operates in Automated Mode with user specifying directory (local or network)--As voice files are created, analysis is automatically performed, reported on, and files moved or removed.
  • Measuring effect of Packet Jitter in VoIP Network
  • Measuring effect of Codec Compression in Wireless Networks

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